Wednesday, February 8, 2012

From Prospect to Gold Mine

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Here are a few of my favorite prospects I feel, based on geology, have very good potential to turn into gold mines one day (if we can keep the government's fingers up their noses and out of our way).

Donlin Creek, AK
Rattlesnake Hills (Sandy Mountain), WY
Carissa, WY
Cumberland Mine, AZ
Mexican Hat, AZ
Gold Coin, AZ
Lost Basin, AZ
Moss Mine, AZ
Gold Road mine, AZ
Katherine Mine, AZ
Vulture Mine, AZ
Copper King, WY
Kurtz-Chatterton, WY
Julian Creek, AK
Wolf, WY
Drum Mountains, UT
Miners Delight, WY
Mineral Hill, WY
South Pass City-Atlantic City-Miners Delight shear complex, WY
Penn Mine Complex and altered zone, Seminoe Mountains, WY
Ferris-Haggarty, WY
Bannack, MT (and dozens of other gold properties in Montana)
Alder Gulch, MT
Confederate Gulch, MT
Whitehall, MT
Zortman, MT
Kendall, MT
Bear Lodge, WY (Au, REE, Th)
Puzzler Hill, WY (Au, Cu, Pt, Pd, Ag)
Bald Mountain Porphyry, Kirwin WY (Cu, Ag, Au, Pb, Zn)