Sunday, October 16, 2011

NEW GOLD BOOK published to help you find gold

GOLDField Guide for Prospectors & Geologists                           
Available at Amazon

PlanetNews writes, “… the best book written about gold prospecting to come out in decades”.

Amazon rates the book 5 stars!

Where would you search for gold? How do you identify gold? And don’t throw away that fool’s gold as it likely contains some hidden gold.

Other valuable minerals are periodically found with gold in streams ruby, sapphire, benitoite, gem garnet and diamond!

In lode gold deposits, one might expect to find some silver, copper, and in some cases platinum-group metals.

Read about finding gold in a new, full-color book available at Amazon, written by geologists and gold prospectors W. Dan Hausel and Eric J. Hausel.

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